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The biggest problems we had were during lap-located typing sessions. Which — and clue's in the name — being a laptop was a big problem for our on-the-go needs. It works just fine. Praise be. However, it's still darn loud in use. Typing on this keyboard creates a certain 'clack' that will have your Starbucks chums looking up over their super grande skinny soy macha lattes with a raised brow.

No keyboard is silent, sure, but as these keys travel so little there's not really any way to soften their impact.

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So we hope that'll be the next-generation Apple keyboard: a quieter one. Nestled within the keyboard to the top right corner is a Touch ID scanner, used to rapid login. If you have Apple Pay then this will be the avenue for making payments in a much quicker and easier fashion too. There's no Face ID face detection login like you get on the latest iPhones, though, which feels like an omission given the company's ecosystem.

Last up is the glass-topped trackpad, which is huge by comparison to the earlier Air models. We love this scale, which also adds Force Touch — Apple's 'two layer' system — so you can get multiple use out of shallow and deep presses.

It can be a little fiddly ay first, and we're not sure that many will utilise the second 'layer' action all that often, but if you learn some new tricks then it's a handy feature to have. Now, the Air has never really been a true powerhouse. It's designed more for portability, with ample productivity, while ensuring longevity doesn't suffer. All of those important 'ivities' in life. Just as it was in the model, that balance has been maintained here. There's no power bump at all, with the same Intel Core i5 processor a dual-core 1. It all depends on what you need, really. Having migrated from our to model well, mostly, the GB SSD on board here isn't large enough for all our content, so we had to ditch heaps of files we've been able to bosh through Photoshop batch tasks no problem, while monitoring Mail, Slack and all the usual office-type applications without any concerns.

This Core i5 chipset does require fan cooling, though, but the majorty of the time it's approaching silent.

MacBook Air 2018 Full Review - Should You Buy It? - The Tech Chap

Throw a more taxing task at it and these fans can hit overdrive and make a fair amount of their own 'wind-noise', but nothing more concerning than other casual use laptops. And seeing as many Windows devices we've tested can have an almost permenant whistle, this is preferable by comparison. All this use has been possible while delivering around 10 hours of battery life without flinching. The Air will keep going, beyond a MacBook Pro's offering, and will outshine most Windows 10 machines that are of this physical skinniness too.

Specs can't be adapted too much in a shell of this size either. That's as far as the options boxes stretch, which keeps the Air firmly in the ballpark of where it's supposed to be. All that makes for a more balanced entry-level Mac laptop. Is the Air the perfect slice of on-the-go laptop life though? Not quite. There are inevitable irks: the limited ports we'd love to see an SD card slot again ; the sheer loudness of the typing experience; the absence of Face ID login; the not class-leading bezel sizes; and the expensive upgrade costs for expanded storage an essential for us all add marks against its score sheet.

But what might otherwise look like an almost non-upgrade of its predecessor is quite a lot more. The MacBook Air has settled into life; it's graduated and waved goodbye to its younger MacBook brother, fixed up its keyboard wrongs in the process of growing up, and becomes an altogether more acceptable workhorse than before. If you're looking for that bit more oomph then look to the new Pro models. Whether the modifications will translate into a cure for the ddouble-lletter inaccuracies that users reported with previous generations remains to be seen, but our sample at least has shown no signs of the issue during our time with it.

And it's reassuring to note that Apple has extended its keyboard repair program to include the MacBook Pro and, now, the Air. On the down side, we will note that the arrow keys are still squeezed into a tiny space, with almost no space between the keys to guide the fingers and literally none between the up and down keys! We sorely miss the more spaced-out arrows on our MacBook Pro. The keyboard in general is quite cramped and typing accuracy is poorer than on a more expansively laid-out keyboard, although this gets a little better with practice.

The trackpad is immense - 8.

Hands-on with the new Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro - CNET

It should also be more reliable than a conventional trackpad because it has fewer moving parts: it doesn't actually click downwards, instead simulating a click with a small haptic buzz. Finally, the Touch Bar still hasn't made its way across from the MacBook Pro but there is a Touch ID fingerprint sensor next to the F12 key again, this is not a new feature for the Air line. This is terrifically useful for login, as ever, with one extra benefit that you wouldn't experience with Touch ID on iOS devices: you are automatically logged in to the correct user account when you tap down a finger.

However, we haven't yet been able to replicate an additional neat feature that we observed on the Air and, previously, on the Pro. On those devices, if you tried to tap in straight after startup, or at any other time when a password rather than a fingerprint was required, Touch ID would do the next best thing - it would bump you to the password-entry field for the correct account. That doesn't appear to work on our Air. We've dropped Apple a line to see if something's up, and will update this review once we know more.

At last! We've found a substantive and quantifiable difference from the previous generation.

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  • The MacBook Air gets Apple's adaptive True Tone technology, which adjust the screen's intensity and colour output to account for ambient lighting conditions and should mean your subjective experience is consistent regardless of daylight, electric lighting and so on. We're big fans of True Tone in general, having grown particularly fond of it on the iPad and iPhone range - although it may be worth pointing out that the the more portable a device is, the more likely it is to be used in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

    The Air is more portable than most computers, of course, but will still be toted about less than a phone. And funnily enough we didn't totally love the True Tone experience on this machine. Sitting in front of the Air and a 12in MacBook in the gathering dusk, it occurred to us that the orangey tint of the machine with True Tone might be more restful than the stark white one without, but it's also a bit, well, sleepy.

    That stark whiteness feels a lot clearer to use On that front, you also have the option to use Night Shift - here are the differences between True Tone and Night Shift - but that's available on older machines too. At any rate you won't normally have a second laptop right there to make the difference so obvious in general it's a subtle effect , and it's easy to turn True Tone off if you're not keen. Indeed, one of the charms of True Tone is the thoughtful way macOS shows you what the screen looks like with and without the effect during setup , so you can make an informed decision.

    And aside from the novelty of True Tone, this a good-quality if 'more of the same' display. With a resolution of x at ppi, it's sharp, as well as bright and vibrant. But no, it's not a touchscreen display, and we're starting to wonder if Apple will offer this feature on a MacBook. The Air comes with a 1.

    MacBook Air

    In fact, lab tests showed that the Air is actually a little slower than the model, which we believe is related to the use of slower flash storage - a theory that's borne out by the new model also recording significantly slower disk read speeds. In the Geekbench 4. That compares to 4, and 7, respectively for the model and is therefore a tiny bit disappointing.

    For wider comparison, a Pro kitted out with an 8-core i9 and 32GB of RAM scored 5, and 31,, whereas the last 12in MacBook model - from - scored 3, and 6, A roughly equivalent Windows laptop, the Huawei MateBook 13 , scored 3, and 12, In the Cinebench R20 rendering benchmark a test that warmed the machine and set the fans going the Air averaged a score of , which is on the low side; the MacBook Pro scored 3, And the Air recorded an underwhelming score of , with an average frame rate of 5.

    This is not a superfast machine, then.

    Apple MacBook Air (12222) review: more affordable, just as good

    For most prospective Air buyers, however, speed benchmarks will not be a major issue. It's not a machine that's being marketed towards creative professionals, gamers or other Mac users who need major processing welly. For checking email, browsing the web, a little light work and the odd graphically undemanding game, it will do just fine. The speakers are decent by laptop standards, with respectable volume when cranked up to the maximum. The stereo effect only really works when you're not just using the laptop but leaning forward, however, and don't expect much of a bass punch.

    The MacBook Air is known for its battery life, and the version keeps up that proud tradition.